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All learners need workbooks, which will help them through the learning process.  The workbooks should be outcomes-based, written in the right language, designed especially for adults, and written at the correct level for learner needs.  Operation Upgrade’s material includes:

  • IsiZulu Literacy:  Sakh’ izwe lethu  Level 1

The workbook moves from basic letter shaping and beginner writing and reading to simple fluency in reading and writing isiZulu.

  • IsiZulu Literacy:  Sidl’ Amathambo Engqondo Level 2

A combination workbook & reader, to reinforce basic literacy

IsiZulu Literacy: Injalo Impilo Level 3

A combination workbook & reader, aimed at getting learners to think about human rights and issues such as HIV and AIDS

English language learning:
  • The Start English programme, which is a simple 17 lesson conversational English programme.  It can be used late in Level 2 mother-tongue, or at the beginning of Level 1 English.
  • The English Works series – a reader and two workbooks for each ABE level up to Level 3.  Level 4 has 2 workbooks, which include reading texts.


  • The Numeracy for Development workbook, available in English and isiZulu, covers practical numeracy skills for everyday living.


Every learner should have a ruler, an eraser, a pencil (HB), exercise books with lines, and a sharpener.

HIV and AIDS and literacy learning

The educators in training on the HIV and AIDS course make a list of the AIDS topics they want to cover in literacy lessons.  Then in groups they plan lessons on the basis outlined above.  After the course they make their own lesson plans that incorporate some of the HIV/AIDS topics.

EMSENI Community Centre

We have set up a community centre in KwaNibela, called Emseni Community Centre. (“Emseni” means Place of Kindness.) We have built two large rondavels there, one to accommodate our staff and visitors, and one for storage.

The UNESCO Confucius Prize

“The UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy was awarded to Operation Upgrade of South Africa, for the “KwaNibela Project”, and continues the Organisation’s 40-year history of commitment and change.  Website Hosted by Pro Hosting Internet Services