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Operation Upgrade of South Africa

Water Support

In KwaNibela, one of Operation Upgrade’s rural literacy projects, the water shortage was a slow-moving disaster.

What little underground water can be found, is salty and cannot be used, for drinking or for crops.  The area is now in its sixth year of drought.  The rivers have dried up.  There are a few stagnant pools.  People walk  a long way to fetch water on their heads, or they buy water from entrepreneurs, sometimes selling themselves for water if they have no money.

The municipality has put a water reticulation system in that reaches some of the homesteads, but the dam has dried up and there is no longer any water delivery.  Occasionally people get a municipal water delivery via tankers, but this is not regular.

Operation Upgrade in its literacy classes found that the water shortage was the greatest impediment to food security and livelihood development.  With the help of Oxfam Australia, we have been able to make a small contribution to alleviating the water problem in KwaNibela, through rainwater harvesting and easier water collection.

Rainwater harvesting units have been placed on over 100 dwellings in the area, and over 100 hippo water rollers have been distributed:

water_holder water_barrel
Here a flexible piping system catches
rainwater from the roof and runs it into a tank
Here a grandmother – a ‘gogo’,
rolls a tank of water to her home

HIV and AIDS and literacy learning

The educators in training on the HIV and AIDS course make a list of the AIDS topics they want to cover in literacy lessons.  Then in groups they plan lessons on the basis outlined above.  After the course they make their own lesson plans that incorporate some of the HIV/AIDS topics.

EMSENI Community Centre

We have set up a community centre in KwaNibela, called Emseni Community Centre. (“Emseni” means Place of Kindness.) We have built two large rondavels there, one to accommodate our staff and visitors, and one for storage.

The UNESCO Confucius Prize

“The UNESCO Confucius Prize for Literacy was awarded to Operation Upgrade of South Africa, for the “KwaNibela Project”, and continues the Organisation’s 40-year history of commitment and change.  Website Hosted by Pro Hosting Internet Services